LONG BEACH, Calif. – Depending on how long the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, parts of the Long Beach Airport could close for good.

Sandy Ackerman drove from Temecula to the airport with her six-year-old grandson. She was planning to fly with him back to his mom in Texas.

“He needs to get back home and now I don’t know how I’m going to get him home,” said Ackerman.

All was good 24 hours ago when they checked in; she learned the flight was canceled at the ticketing counter.

The Long Beach Airport is dealing with some tough news of its own. If you compare March of 2020 to 2019, passenger traffic is down 92 percent and the number of flights taking off and landing is down 75 percent.



It’s gotten so bad the owner of the Little Brass Cafe Express, Tony Arredondo, says they might have to close permanently in a couple weeks.

“Our staff has been reduced to the bare minimum. I’m here today because I can’t afford to pay staff because we don’t have enough business,” said Arredondo.


An airport spokeswoman says they have not had to furlough any employees.

Part of the frustration is the uncertainty.

“We’ve been through it for the past two or three weeks so we’ve adjusted, but it’s frustrating that we don’t know the end,” said Arredondo.

Right now two restaurants and a small coffee shop are closed inside the airport. This doesn’t mean they’re closed forever. Some chose to close because business is just so slow.