LOS ANGELES — When it comes to college football, super fans are prevalent. You have seen them — the ones who sit front and center in the stands — get there early for game-day tailgates and never leave a game early, win or lose.

At the University of Southern California, Roy Nwaisser is the perfect example.

What You Need To Know

  • USC will return home for its first game in the post-Clay Helton era on Saturday night

  • The Trojans are riding high after a 45-14 comeback win at Washington State

  • USC is hoping its fans will pack the Coliseum to show support for the football program and its players

  • Roy Nwaisser — known to many as "USC Psycho" — will hit his 354th straight game during the contest

"I'm always hoping for the best, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way," he said during USC's loss to Stanford in week two. "Why am I still here? I never leave a game early, so no matter what happens I am here from the beginning to the end."

For the last 28 years, Nwaisser has not missed a single Trojan football game from beginning to end, home or away. Nwaisser holds a game-day streak that has now grown to 353.

"If there are fans of other teams that disappear, they are fair weather fans and I get it but that's not me," he explained. "I bleed cardinal and gold and I will be there no matter what."

His Saturdays during football season begin early, with a tailgate that is an ode to his longtime nickname of "USC Psycho."

The growth of his psycho-gate tailgate, as it is called, is one of the best parts about keeping the streak alive. It has created an extended Trojan family that grows every single year.

"I just love the game day experience and going to the tailgates and the camaraderie and all of that," Nwaisser explained.

His love for USC football spans decades. The streak officially began during his senior year at USC. Nwaisser decided it would be a fun challenge to attend every single game for one season, and he frankly did not think much of it at the time.

"If you had asked me would I ever get to every USC game for 20 plus years, I would have said, 'No way in hell,'" he said with a laugh.

Now though, little stands in the way of breaking said streak. Sure, there have been some close calls throughout the years, but Nwaisser has developed quite the barometer for prioritization.

A few years into the streak, his best friend had planned to get married during the college football season.

"He got married on a Friday, so that I wouldn't have to miss the football game on Saturday," Nwaisser said. "All credit to his wife for allowing that nonsense."

The streak prevailed.

"Now any time something comes up that might be a reason to miss a game, in my head I'm like this has to be more important than my best friend moving his wedding to a Friday so I don't miss a game," he said. "So far, nothing has been that important."

So week after week, year after year, Nwaisser is there to root on his Trojans. Following the football program comes with its share of ups and downs – especially in recent years.

"It's not hard to be a Trojan fan, sometimes it's painful," he said.  


After an embarrassing 42-28 loss to the Stanford Cardinal at home, USC fired its then head coach Clay Helton.

On Saturday, the Trojans will return to the Coliseum for their first contest in the post-Helton era. Interim Head Coach Donte Williams is looking to pack the Coliseum — hoping to bring the energy in his first outing at home in this role.

"I hope it's crazy, I hope it's a sellout," Williams said. "I hope everyone that's in there is happy to cheer on the Trojans and that we play the way everyone is accustomed to us playing."

If you are taking a wild guess as to who he can count on to be there for sure, Nwaisser is a safe bet.

"I'm always here to root for the team," he said. "I hope for the best."