SOUTH GATE, Calif. – For the first time in history, the 11 professional sports teams in the greater Los Angeles area are coming together to champion for the same cause. 

United by the Play Equity Fund, 'The ALLIANCE' of teams is committing to a five-year plan to utilize sport for social justice. 


What You Need To Know

  • The 11 pro-sports teams in the greater Los Angeles area are coming together to champion social justice

  • "The ALLIANCE" represents the first time all 11 teams have joined together

  • The mission resonates with and inspires one South Gate P.E. teacher


The leadership of the professional franchises is being felt in the heart of Los Angeles.  

Coach Alfredo Crossman-Chavez is the athletic director and basketball coach at Kipp Corazon, a public charter school in South Gate. Over 90 percent of Chavez's students come from communities of color.   

"You go to a lot of these public schools and charter schools too, P.E. is always underserved," said Chavez. 

The mission of the ALLIANCE will be aligning with local community leaders like Coach Chavez, who spends his summer days showing up for his kids to keep them engaged and inspired. 

He hosts Instagram livestreams with different exercises and challenges to help ignite passion about physical activity.  




"So my idea is to bring P.E., nutrition, health, physical fitness, all this to my kids so they're passionate about working out as well," said Chavez. 

He knows that the power of sports and physical education to change lives requires access and opportunity. 

When Coach Chavez heard that the pro-sports teams in the L.A. area share his mission, it excites him about the future. 



"I think it's amazing, because those sports teams can put this on a global scale. When these 11 professional sports teams come together and speak about this and bring this to light, they have platforms, and social media, and outlets that we hope to have," said Chavez. 

For more information about how The ALLIANCE will put its mission statement to action, visit The Play Equity Fund.