Nathalie Basha is an award-winning broadcast journalist and producer with a focus in food politics, food economics and human interest. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nathalie is very excited to finally highlight stories in her hometown!

During her time as an international journalist, Nathalie produced and reported a piece inside a women’s prison in Cartagena, Colombia that operates one of the most popular restaurants in the city. In New Zealand, she was given unprecedented access inside a sacred Māori tattoo ceremony between father and daughter. She covered the abuses of elephant tourism in Southeast Asia and documented a couple on the Georgia-Russia border who are keeping an ancient cheese tradition alive. 

When Nathalie is not working, she’s either gardening at home, making baking videos or traveling to the far-flung corners of the world. She’s a passionate wildlife conversation advocate and often goes to South Africa to work in rhino conservation. Despite all her traveling, Nathalie firmly believes SoCal is the greatest place to live.

Before joining the Spectrum 1 News team, Nathalie was a senior multimedia journalist at Sinclair, and a reporter for CBS in San Diego and NBC in Dayton, Ohio.