SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Community members took to the streets of downtown Sacramento to clean up trash, debris, and graffiti after dozens of business were looted following a series on non-violent demonstrations.

What You Need To Know

  • Community cleaning up downtown Sacramento

  • Solidarity protests over George Floyd remained peaceful

  • Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the recent protests

  • Governor said “You matter, I care.”

Solidarity protests over George Floyd remained peaceful during the day, but on Saturday and Sunday night, several businesses were ransacked by looters.

With a few cleaning supplies in their hands and a whole lot of passion for their community, Lauren Trezvont and her daughter, Leilani showed up help repair some of the damage in the downtown area.

“I wanted her to see the right side of the whole thing, and I want her to fully understand protests because they’re going to be protesting when she’s older, and I want her to know the right way and I want her to see what’s wrong so she can help herself and help her friends and be a voice for people,” Lauren Trezvant said.

Seven-year-old Leilanli says she was scared when she first arrived to the scene of the damage and saw shattered glass scattered throughout the city.

“It was scary and I told my mom I wanted to go home, but she said no,” Leilani said.

Trezvant explained she took her daughter to volunteer because she wanted to teach her the difference between protesting and looting.

“I live here so I have to be the change in the community that I want to see,” Lauren Trezvant said. “So, I can bring a bag and I can clean up trash, I can bring my daughter, and I can educate her.”

Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the recent protests and looting across the state during a press conference Monday held at Genesis Church in Sacramento.  

“The looting, the violence, the threats against fellow human beings, that has no place in this state and nation,” Newsom said.

To protesters, the governor said, “You matter, I care. We care. I don’t want to just demonstrate that rhetorically. I will prove that to you. You’ve lost patience, and so have I. You’re right to feel wronged. You’re right to feel the way you’re feeling.”

Newsom added that the black community was not responsible for what is happening around the country.


 “We are. Our institutions are, we are accountable for this moment,” said Newsom.

According to Newsom, more than 4,500 members of the National Guard are currently on call. As of Monday afternoon, the governor said he wasn’t planning on issuing a statewide curfew.

“Mayors are making decisions based on conditions in real time. Statewide, we have 7,000 CHP on full tactical alert," said Newsom.