LOS ANGELES (CNS) — The Los Angeles City Council approved $5.1 million in funding for various transportation projects in the Westside Tuesday, despite a request from Councilwoman-elect Traci Park to delay the funding request — which was made by outgoing 11th District Councilman Mike Bonin — until she takes office.

About half of the funding will go toward the Lincoln Boulevard Multimodal Bridge Improvement Project. Another $1.6 million will be spent on funding the construction of the Rose Avenue Pathway and Protected Bike Lane Project.

Bonin, who departs in two weeks after serving two terms on the council, filed the motion last week. It states that several projects on the Westside “require more funding to achieve construction or project development milestones.”

“There is sufficient funding available in special accounts that are designated specifically for transportation projects on the Westside, from special fees collected on developments on the Westside,” according to the motion.

The council authorized the Department of Transportation to appropriate funding toward the projects.

In a letter to the council, Park — who defeated Bonin-backed candidate Erin Darling in a runoff — sought for her future colleagues to delay action on the item until after she takes office on Dec. 12. Park cited lack of community engagement regarding the Lincoln Boulevard project and said the item should be delayed until outreach and funding analysis are conducted.

Park, who was critical of Bonin during the campaign, called the funding proposals a “last-minute rush job” with a “massive price tag attached to them.”