EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Election Days past have mostly been the kind that gave you the results BEFORE you went to bed or, at least, first thing in the morning as you were downing your Lucky Charms. But with over 70 percent of Americans ABLE to vote by mail, potentially the largest amount in history, THIS YEARS election is most likely to be VERY different indeed. But how different? Here’s 5 things to know! Let’s get “vote-tual”!

5 Things You Should Know!

  1. Because LESS people will be voting in-person and MORE by mail, you’ll get wildly different poll results on the night of the election and there’ll still be the temptation by the networks to be the first to call the winner which could make for some very weird moments and only serve to underline, for some, a kind of imagined “conspiracy” happening even when there is not. The reality is that the big news channels will have to hold their breath, their patience, and their bulletins and wait.
  2. A great number of states will receive ballots AFTER the day of the election so It might take days, or weeks to tally ALL the results. But every state has a deadline for certifying their votes, in California all ballots must be counted and recounted by December 1st. By December 10th state electors meet in their capitals to cast their presidential votes. Those votes are presented to the newly elected House Of Representatives to be accepted or rejected in early January.
  3. The President’s term ends on January 20th at 12 noon. So, if the house hasn’t accepted the votes by then, assuming the Democrats still hold their majority, your new acting president could be Nancy Pelosi! 
  4. Yes, the process could get mired in legal action but if the results are more clear, like say a landslide for either candidate, then it might not take too long at all! So, whoever you vote for, help them out, make sure you’re registered and get your ballot in early. The system of voting by mail is super safe, safer in many ways than voting in-person and allegations of it being rigged are just plain nonsense and scare tactics to make the turnout smaller and favor one party over another. 
  5. Whatever you do this election, VOTE! And then, hang on to your hats and be patient! It may take a while to get the results and if you’re worried about where your mail-in vote is and want to track how it’s doing then head over to the California Secretary of States website — WheresMyBallot.sos.ca.gov — and you’ll get an email or text or voice message to let you know when it has been received and counted! May the vote be with you!