COMPTON, Calif. — A Southern California native turned 100-years-old Friday and celebrated by getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Emily Brown Jones has lived in Compton most of her life, but she can still remember her childhood home's street address in Los Angeles.

She was born in 1921. 

Despite her best efforts to stay healthy during the pandemic, Jones was hospitalized twice for COVID-19. It was one of the most challenging battles she's ever fought, she said, but she fights to win.

"All I can say: the dear Lord wants me here for a reason and what that is I don't know, but I'll stay here and find out," Jones said.

To celebrate her birthday, a select few are dropping by her home one at a time with signs and gifts. The greatest gift she is getting, though, is free; Jones is getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I'm just happy to be here to get it," Jones said.

Jones said she believes we will emerge from this pandemic, and she's doing what she can to ensure she's here to see the end of it.