LOS ANGELES — Reality television star Khloé Kardashian revealed in a recent trailer for an upcoming episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” that she tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this year. 

What You Need To Know

  • Khloé Kardashian revealed she tested positive for coronavirus earlier this year in a preview for Thursday's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

  • The 36-year-old said she experienced nausea, chills, vomiting, exhaustion, coughs, a sore throat, and severe headaches

  • Kanye West, husband of Khloé's sister Kim Kardashian West, also contracted COVID in March of this year

  • Over 8 million Americans have tested positive for coronavirus

The 36-year-old detailed the frightening experience through a recorded interview on her phone. 

“Just found out that I do have corona,” Kardashian said from her bed through an audibly hoarse voice. “I have been in my room. It’s gonna be fine, but it was really bad for a couple days.” 

The Good American founder explained that she experienced symptoms including shaking, nausea, vomiting, and temperature fluctuations, also saying she suffered “the craziest headache” and that her “chest would burn” when she coughed. 

“Let me tell you, this s*** is real,” Kardashian continued. “But we’re all going to get through this. Pray that if we follow (CDC) orders, we’re all going to be OK. May God bless us all.”

The clip also showed other family members awaiting Khloé’s test results, with sister Kim Kardashian West saying,  "I mean, my gut tells me she does (have COVID), just because she's so sick. And, that really scares me for her, 'cause I can tell that she's now getting scared and that she's really nervous about it."

Matriarch Kris Jenner added that she “jumped on the phone with every doctor who would take my call, trying to find somebody that could help (Khloé).”

The preview for the episode, which itself was filmed months ago, confirms earlier statements from the family that someone in their inner circle had contracted the disease that has infected over 8 million Americans. 

In a May trailer for the 19th season of the hit reality show, Kylie Jenner told the audience that “It’s just scary when someone so close to home has tested positive” for COVID.

Khloé Kardashian’s brother-in-law, Kanye West, battled coronavirus earlier this year.

“Kanye had it way at the beginning, when nobody really knew what was going on,” West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, told Grazia magazine in early October. “It was so scary and unknown. I had my four babies and no one else in the house to help.”

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episode about Khloé Kardashian’s experience with the virus will air on Thursday, October 29 on E!.