LOS ANGELES  – The L.A. County Department of Public Health has recommended avoiding the grocery store this week -- and possibly next. But you may still need some essentials, so a group of local businesses have banded together to bring the store to your door with the LA Bodega on Wheels.

Tuan Lee is packing brown bags with produce, alcohol, and even toilet paper for delivery. He is doing whatever he can to support his growing cocktail-in-a-can business.


“We were on our way to those partnerships and then this ended it all,” said Lee.

Launched only nine months ago, Vervet is still in its beginning stages of life. Lee says they were in talks to put their product in stadiums, hotels, and major grocery chains, but it all came to a halt once coronavirus hit.

“Of course, we panicked and to keep our young company alive during all of this and have a company to return to was really important. We didn’t know how to do that,” said Lee.

Vervet was set to get exposure at events like Coachella and The Grammys, which is important for a new company. Now, Lee is using the new LA Bodega On Wheels to share his product with Angelenos. Vervet partnered with other local businesses like Coolhaus, Mini Bar, Future Gin and 101 Coffee Shop to help their employees while keeping their businesses alive during this time.

“Each one brought their resources and skills and critical components and that’s what allowed us to do this,” said Lee.

The Mobile Bodega is simple. It’s a shop on wheels. You can order ahead of time and have grocery items, pre-made cocktails, and more placed on your doorstep during a designated time. Lee says they are able to get consumers the products they need, while they remain safely at home.

“We are calling it isolation salvation, because there is a real fear of going outside and going to grocery stores where there could be lines and crowds and people at home can avoid that,” said Lee.




And during this time of uncertainty and struggle, he sees the silver lining.

“It’s so difficult for everyone and the bodega really represents to me the beauty of community and the power of coming together and doing something we couldn’t do on our own,” said Lee.

Keep an eye out for the power of community rolling through a neighborhood nearest you. The LA Bodega on Wheels is looking to expand hours and locations. For the latest updates, visit labodegaonwheels.com