CARSON, Calif. — Photos of 19-year-old Exodus Joseph Foisia cover an entire wall in his family’s Carson home. Foisia was shot and killed on May 4, 2019. 

“He was actually at bible study at our young adults ministry. He left there and went to wish a friend happy birthday at her party and as he was leaving he was innocently murdered, gunned down, left for dead in the street by an alleged gang member,” his mother, Vanesha Foisia said.

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His death left an impact on his entire family and is a loss his mother will never forget.

“He leaves a big hole in my heart and and I think about him every day,” Vanesha said.

More than 13,000 people like Exodus have died this year as a result of gun violence, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Each death is one too many for families to bear.

That’s why through her pain, Vanesha and her family created the Exodus Faddy Foundation -- advocating alongside the city of Carson and other organizations against gang and gun violence in the community.

“My son’s life was taken as a result of gang violence and I just want to bring awareness to the gangs that exist that they’re causing pain and hurt to families, to real people who want it to stop,” Vanesha said.

She’s hoping this foundation will help change people's minds before they pick up a gun, because the pain she feels as she remembers her son through photos leaves a pain she won’t be able to forget.

For now, all she can do is look forward to the future. A future that will hopefully save lives by sharing her son’s story.

The Exodus Faddy Foundation will hold it's first Peace Benefit Concert at the Carson Community Center on May 2, 2020.