HAWTHORNE, Calif. – Pets aren’t allowed at most schools, but when your classroom is your bedroom the rules are a little different.

Lucas Dulac is writing his first paper of the year at a pace and place that he says is quite comfortable.

“You can just work whenever you want, do whatever order you want,” said Lucas.

Lucas, along with his brother, get to work at a comfortable pace as they are both homeschooled. He says that he likes the idea of being able to work closely with his younger sibling on a daily basis.

“I think it’s cool to be able to see him while I’m working. Whereas like in school you’d be in a different class across campus. It’s good to be next to him working knowing you’re not separated from your family,” said Lucas.

It is also good for Lucas’s dad to be able to check in on his sons’ work as well. Along with that, it fits their busy lifestyles as both boys are young actors. For the family, the flexibility is a plus.

"You know when we have to go to Hollywood they can grab their books, they can grab their math. We can do it while we’re waiting for the audition. We can do reading in the car. You know the same thing. We can just use the time wisely,” said the boys’ father Chrystian Dulac.

Without prior experience in education Chrystian says he was initially hesitant. Which is why having the opportunity to take part in a hybrid homeschool program was a major plus.

The Dulac’s attend Da Vinci Connect, a free charter school program that has the boys on a school campus two days out of the week.

“Meeting the teachers and they help you they guide you, they give you all the resources they have access to. It’s like wow this is great,” said Chrystian.

The school's vice principal Kaitlin Toon said that the program at Da Vinci is a more natural fit for parents and their kids.

“When they are born our parents are our first educators. They teach us about the world and they teach us about how to navigate in it and how to feel happy and content and successful in the world. So why not continue that connection,” said Toon.

After visiting with his teacher Lucas gets to take part in one of his favorite activities, recess with his brother.

“Yeah I like just hanging out so it’s not all work work work. I like the freedom and how you get to play around and mess around and just have fun with them,” said Lucas.

For the Dulac’s the hybrid homeschool program is an opportunity to learn and make time for family fun.