So Facebook is minting it’s own currency? What’s next? Snapchat doing your laundry? The world is changing so fast it’ll make your wallet spin. In this Virtually Rick we delve into the world of cyptocurrency!

What is Cryptocurrency? Something that only comes out at Halloween? No, but it is spooking the financial world. You’ve no doubt heard of Bitcoin, well that’s one of over 2,000 different versions of cryptocurrency currently on the market. 

Cryptocurrency uses something you’re going to hear a lot about called Blockchain -- the crypto in the currency. Essentially an unbreakable coded digital ledger that everyone can see. Imagine the entire world watching you give or recieve a dollar from a stranger in real time and making a note of it on the same massive ledger so that no one could cheat! 

Sound confusing? You're not alone. If you want to find out more? Click the video above for the latest installment of Virtually Rick.