SANTA MONICA, Calif. – A tragedy that left the sports world speechless has prompted numerous tributes, and moments of silence for baseball player Tyler Skaggs.

Even far away from the bright lights of Major League Baseball, the pitcher’s legacy lives on.

“When I hear the word Tyler Skaggs, I think of Santa Monica. I think of someone that was gifted in so many ways,” said childhood peer Brian Lyn.  

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A Santa Monica native, Skaggs spent his formative years at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. Lyn has been working at the Boys and Girls Club for the past 15 years. He grew up with Skaggs at the club.  

“He had the Mamba mentality and watching him grow up here and play in the club was the way we connected through sports,” said Lyn.

While Lyn was a couple of years older than Skaggs, the two shared the same basketball court and a friendship that was forged through the game. Before Skaggs became an ace on the mound, he was a star in the gym.

Lyn goes by B. Lyn with the youngsters now. At the neighborhood club the name Tyler Skaggs means something.   

“When you hear about Tyler Skaggs and all the things that he’s done for his community… I think it gives hope to the younger members,” said Lyn.

Skagg’s ascent to professional sports has roots in Santa Monica. Instead of sending flowers to their son’s memorial service, Skagg’s parents are asking for donations to be sent to the Boys and Girls Club.

You can learn more about the Boys and Girls Club and donate here.