Love is in the air. Or is it in the food?

Dinners, chocolates, and treats are all popular gifts on Valentine's Day. Does food bring lovers together? One couple says their relationship started with a simple gesture.

  • Food has been demonstrated to increase the romantic bond between couples
  • A couple that bonded through candies are taking a baking class together at Milk Bar
  • The Melrose-based bakery often sees an uptick in business around Valentine's Day

"He left Cadbury Cream Eggs all over my room in my apartment and I was like, 'I think I love him.' The way to my heart was Cadbury Cream Eggs," says Devon McDermott.

McDermott and her boyfriend, Ian Beck are taking a baking class at Milk Bar to celebrate their 12 year anniversary. They bond through food and think this is the recipe to their success.

"Constant communication, delicious meals from this guy, and I do the baking, so it's a nice balance," says McDermott.

They feel food is the way to one's heart.

"There’s something very joyful and emotional in having good food. Whether it's a meal or a dessert or something sweet, it's an experience that you don’t just think about. You feel and talk about it for weeks, days, months afterwards," says Beck.

This is why Milk Bar is prepared for an uptick in purchases for the holiday of love. They will be baking more goodies ahead of the big day and are even crafting special edition confections. According to Wallet Hub, $1.8 billion dollars will be spent on candy this year.

"It’s been wild regardless of the holiday, but certainly more people will show up. We are a bakery after all. We are making treats and people like treats for Valentine's Day," says Chef Scotty Blenkarn.

According to the essay, The Relationship Between Food and Sex by Doctor Maryanne Fisher, chocolate has long been thought to be an aphrodisiac. It contains the chemical PEA, which creates a rush or feeling of euphoria.

Chef Blenkarn agrees and says sweet treats put a smile on people's faces and that’s why he is in the hospitality industry.

"Sweets trigger something in our brains. It makes us happy. You eat something sweet and it makes you smile it makes you feel good," says Chef Blenkarn.

Bakeries like Milk Bar are getting ready for the Valentines Day rush, while couples are planning on how to keep their romance alive. McDermott and Beck take many classes together.

"After classes, we go home and make the recipes. It's been a bonding experience for us," says McDermott.

This Valentine's Day, remember food is the ingredient binding us together.

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