Los Angeles City Council member Nithya Raman was outright re-elected to the 4th district in the March Primary.

Though incumbents typically have an advantage in races, the district was slightly up in the air due to redistricting. 

Raman says part of her campaign involved knocking on the doors of her new constituents to gain a better understanding of the areas she now represents. 

The Council member joined “Inside the Issues” host Amrit Singh to talk about what she will focus on in her next term.

Raman talked about the importance of addressing homelessness, one of the most significant issues in Los Angeles. 

“Homelessness has been a problem that has been brewing in Los Angeles for decades…but I think with steady work, focused work of getting people off the street - not just moving them from sidewalk to sidewalk - we can address the crisis.” Raman said.

She says one of the areas that needs to be addressed is creating an organized, well-funded shelter system, similar to ones in New York, that can prevent people from living on the streets.

“I think that we will have to get used to the fact that addressing homelessness is going to cost a lot of money, unfortunately…we have under-invested in shelter beds for years,” Raman said.