Not far from the "happiest place on earth," there is a new business looking to bring its own brand of happiness to Southern Californians.

"People refer to us as almost like a mall with cannabis inside of it," said David Farris, Planet 13's vice president of sales and marketing.

What You Need To Know

  • Planet 13, based in Las Vegas, is the world's largest cannabis superstore

  • Construction is underway on for a second location on Warner Avenue in Santa Ana to open this summer

  • The company said it's hiring around 200 workers for a variety of jobs, including delivery, marketing and inventory

  • Planet 13 describes itself as an entertainment complex that looks to create a welcoming Southern California vibe to match the region

Farris noted that construction is well underway on Planet 13 Orange County, located on Warner Avenue in the South Coast Business Center.

"We’re right off the 405," he said. "We’re 10 minutes from Disneyland, 10 minutes from South Coast Plaza mall, 10 minutes from the beach. I mean, we’re in this little hub."

It's a perfect spot, he says, to expand the company’s cannatourism footprint. Right now, its only superstore is in Las Vegas, where Farris says business has been booming.

"We’re actually in Las Vegas coming out of the pandemic stronger than when we entered it, which is awesome, and not a lot of companies can say that," he said.

Unlike traditional cannabis stores where customers spend minutes shopping, Farris explained that it’s not uncommon to see customers spend hours browsing the different vendors at Planet 13.

"We have a lot of people who come off the plane, and they have luggage in their hand, and this is their first stop," he said.

Planet 13 bills itself as an entertainment complex and looks to create a welcoming Southern California vibe that matches the region.

"You’ll see a lot of kind of water elements," said Farris. "You’ll see a lot of wave in the architecture, and then you’ll see a lot of colorful and bright kind of airy atmosphere."

Add to that, plenty of shareable Instagram moments, from colorful umbrellas on the ceiling to a large LED waterfall wall and a giant red octopus in the center of the store. There’s also a groovy-looking van. It's all designed to captured your attention and cash.

"At first, it throws people off because they’re used to these cannabis stores being not inviting and, you know, they’ve got bars on the windows and this whole different feel," Farris said.

On the other side of the counter, the company is also looking to hire around 200 employees in a variety of capacities, and they don’t necessarily need experience in the cannabis industry.

"We’re hiring everything from inventory, human resources to marketing to delivery... anything you can think of," Farris said.

The superstore is expected to open July 1, proving that what happens in Vegas can eventually make its way to California.