California’s AB 5 law has taken effect and on this episode of Inside the Issues, we look at how it is faring so far including its potential impacts on both independent contractors and businesses and what happens if companies don’t comply with the law.

Not long after the law went into effect, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction to the California Trucking Association to temporarily stop enforcement of AB 5 against truck drivers. Labor Attorney Bill Sokol, from the law firm Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld, talks about what the new law means for truckers and other professionals.

More than $100 million have gone into an initiative to exempt app based drivers and services from AB 5. Stacey Wells, spokesperson for Protect App-Based Drivers & Services, talks about why this initiative is important to those who are employed by these companies.

AB 5 has also affected freelance writers in California. Writer Emma Gallegos and co-leaders of California Freelance Writers United, Alisa Grauso and Maressa Brown, talk about what this law means for journalism and journalists – many who work on a freelance basis.

Alec Levenson, senior research scientist at the USC Center for Effective Organizations, and Uday Karmarkar, a distinguished professor and Los Angeles Times Chair of Technology and Strategy at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, talk about what the surge in side hustles and this new way of labor means for the future of workers.

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