Southern California is known for its laid back and luxe atmosphere where stylists and celebrities are fashion icons in their own right.

On this episode, we look at the history of fashion in this region and how SoCal became the epicenter of the nation’s garment production.

The California Fashion Association’s President, Ilse Metchek, explains how big of a role Southern California is in the world of fashion and some of the bigger brands that started here.

Nik Kacy of Nik Kacy footwear talks about their inspiration to design gender neutral shoes and the challenges faced along the way.

Michelle Dalton Tyree, Founder of the website Fashion Trends Daily, talks about the classic “SoCal style” and how fashion is influenced from starlets and influencers to movies and costume designers.

Garment Workers Center Director, Marissa Nuncio, talks about the working conditions of garment workers and their fight to organize to eliminate sweatshop labor.

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