SAN DIEGO — Donations piled up in a matter of minutes, all of them for asylum seekers crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S.

KC Short, founder of We Stand United San Diego, made the call for the donations via social media. 

What You Need To Know

  • KC Short is the founder of We Stand United San Diego

  • Short was inspired to help the asylum seekers following the Black Lives Matter protests

  • The drive was held at a park behind the Convention Center

  • Short made the call for donations via social media

“So half of the items will be entering the convention center, where the other half will be helping the asylum seekers across the border in Mexico,” said Short.

The donations were collected at a park right across the street from the San Diego Convention Center. They included food, masks, hand sanitizers, and clothing.

For Short, the call to help was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. He took part in the protests last summer but wanted to do more for his community.

"During last summer, I took a lot of initiative of being into the community and becoming a community leader," he said. "And it got me into activism and it got my heart to keep giving and giving and giving, and to help out as many communities as possible."

As a father, Short was especially touched by the children he saw across the border living in Mexico as they were seeking asylum. 

“Especially having a newborn, it helps to have people who care and love her and help provide for things, and that’s exactly what the children need that are seeking asylum,” he said.

Short is hoping others do the same, showing compassion for children who are searching for a better future.