LOS ANGELES – A DJ with a full head mask isn’t a new sighting, but DJ Swagrman comes with both a mask and a mission.

What You Need To Know

  • DJ Swagrman wears a dog mask to pay homage to his love for animals and help fans stay focused on the message of his music

  • As an animal activist, he saved a Pitbull by the name of Rey who was found in a trash can left for dead

  • Even though doctors lost hope for the dog, DJ Swagrman took matters into his own hands and rehabilitated him naturally, without surgery. 

  • The DJ and music artist recently released a song entitled "No Good in Goodbye" - exploring the emotions of separating from a loved pet.

The Los Angeles based music artist and animal activist fuses together his love for music and his love for dogs. He wears a dog mask to not only pay homage to his love for dogs, but to also allow his fans to focus on the message of his music.

His passionate journey, has brought about a few miracles.

“When I don’t do music, I like to rescue dogs. Like I rescued a dog named Rey, and that dog has changed my whole mindset, perspective, of everything,” he said.

Rey was initially found in a trash can, disposed by previous owners due to his physical challenges. Doctors insisted he would need countless surgeries and likely wouldn’t make it, But DJ Swagrman saw hope and potential in Rey. He personally rehabilitated Rey naturally, no operations, just lots of therapy, love and consistency.

“I did not give up on him. And Rey did not give up. So, we stood together, and we fought together, and eventually a miracle happened. And he’s now healthy. Now he’s big. He went from 7 pounds to 45 pounds,” he explained.

Rey is the first of many dogs DJ Swagrman plans on continuing to rehabilitate, his music captures emotions from the perspective of both animals and owners.

“I’m here to do something good, and I’m here to be a voice for all animals and my music is going to explain everything,” he emphasized. His latest release, entitled “No Good in Goodbye,” provides an animated experience of what it means to separate from a loved one. That’s why he is so relieved to be able to provide Rey with a second chance.

“He made me realize that miracles happen in real life.”

DJ Swagrman said he’ll continue to use his life and music, to keep the miracles moving.