EAGLE ROCK, Calif. — When the full moon shines brightly in the Los Angeles sky, Carly Curiel can be found getting ready to lead an outdoor yoga class.  

"A couple of my friends have never done yoga and so I find I can get a lot of friends to come to this because it's chill, it's like a backyard barbecue sort of vibe," Curiel said. 


This month's edition is taking place in the backyard of a family member's home in Eagle Rock. 

For the past two years under every full moon, Curiel teaches a donation-based pop-up beginner-friendly yoga class.

It happens at different homes in different areas, in an effort to make yoga geographically accessible to all. 

"Studios are situated in certain neighborhoods and I like the idea of going to different places all around L.A. County," Curiel said. 

She's cultivated a community that welcomes all levels, ages, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Creating this sense of belonging came from her own experience. When she began practicing yoga, she sometimes felt like an outsider. 

"Yoga studios in general can be very expensive and therefore be kind of exclusive and inaccessible to a wide variety of people that want to try yoga," Curiel said. 

In 2016, she became certified to teach and wanted to share her love of yoga in an inclusive way that could break down barriers, like for her friend Adriana Pinedo, who had always been intimidated by yoga.  

"My body doesn't look like the bodies at the LuluLemon ads and I don't really identify with the girls in these really expensive studios so I don't think yoga is quite for me," Pinedo said. 

But seeing Curiel as a female Latina in the role of a yoga teacher was enough to encourage her to give it a try. 

"It's been really empowering to understand that this is about your practice and your connection with your own body," said Pinedo. 

Yoga has impacted Curiel's life in a positive way, and she hopes she can spread that to everyone she teaches.

"They too can heal and move past trauma with something so simple as movement and breath," said Curiel. 

But coming to Full Moon Yoga, you realize this outdoor class is special. Outside at night in the dark amongst the elements.

And at the end of every class they tap into that full moon energy and of course . . . howl at the moon.