FULLERTON, Calif. — Art isn’t bound by one definition or another. It can be fluid.

Amy Redfeather may be an artist by trade, but lately her creations are helping people in a different way. 

“It’s really even more interesting to think that we can become producers of not just of art, but also masks and things that are essential to our health community,” said Amy Redfeather, an employee at he Muckenthaler Cultural Center for the last five years.


Redfeather is a teaching artist at the center. Her job is to coordinate and help put on different programs, but the center had to temporarily close its doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that didn’t stop artists like her from creating.

The Muck rearranged its art gallery, making room for volunteers from different organizations to come together and assemble 25,000 face shields that were purchased and donated by the Fullerton Rotary Club. Some of the volunteers are from the Rotary Club, OC United and PacMin.



“We know that PPE is in short supply and if there’s anything we can do to help, so be it. Let’s do it,” said Brandon Morales, marketing communications manager at OC United.  

Redfeather is leading the project at The Muck and is training volunteers from other organizations in the area to make face shields which are clear plastic barriers attached to headbands that allow doctors and nurses to treat patients without fear of potentially infectious fluids or other materials hitting their faces.

The face shields will go to St. Joseph and St. Jude Medical Center. 

“It’s really lovely place to be able to adjust your thinking and think outside the box about how we give back,” said Redfeather.

She believes the arts have a way of bringing people together, giving them a sense of purpose in times of need.

For more information about how the public can help with the Face Shield Project, please visit: themuck.org/face-shield