LOS ANGELES  – Between his fingers, Adam Rider has enough disinfectant to make a gallon of sanitizer. The little green pod is already on its way to someone in need. 

“I’m sending one to New York to someone who is sick,” Rider said in a video he sent to Spectrum News 1. 

While most of us shelter at home, Rider is on a mission: connecting suppliers and first responders through his new non-profit, Flatten the Curve.


“Our whole thing is just get what we can to who we can…as quickly as we can,” Rider said. He’s already recruited nine volunteers to help. No need too small, no ask too big for this former reality TV producer. 

He took us along for the journey for “Your Story,” Spectrum News 1’s new initiative to democratize journalism – and keep it’s journalists safe – by allowing anyone to submit their own video for a story. 

From sun up to well past sundown, Rider does it all – picking up sanitizer from a factory that used to make CBD oil, then delivering it at a nearby fire station. 

“We’ve got to do whatever we can to protect the firefighters and doctors so they are able to help whoever they can,” Rider said. 

While local governments scramble to procure massive orders for masks and personal protective equipment, Rider says his non-profit status allows him to act quickly to get supplies out now. 

"I don't have time for paperwork and I'm dyslexic so I hate it," Rider said.

In a few weeks, Rider has helped dozens of first responders get the supplies they need. 

“Maybe we’ll all come out of this better people that are less selfish. That’s my hope for all of this,” Rider said. 

He wants to inspire others to do their part, even if that just means staying home.