Paul Hogan, aka Crocodile Dundee, talks about his luck in the entertainment industry and the possibilities of a fourth movie in the franchise.

5 Things You Need to Know:

  1. Paul's latest feature is called The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee and is available on demand. It stars Paul, Chevy Chase, John Cleese, Olivia Newton-John, and Kerry Armstrong. In the movie, Paul plays himself and is reluctantly thrust back into the spotlight as he desperately attempts to restore his sullied reputation on the eve of being knighted.
  2. Paul was originally a blue-collar worker doing construction as a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Hogan's first public appearance was on Australian television, the Nine Network's amateur talent program New Faces in 1971. Hogan followed that up with his comedy sketch program, The Paul Hogan Show, which he wrote and produced. The series ran from 1973-1984 for a total of 60 episodes. Hogan's breakout role was that of Mick "Crocodile" Dundee in the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee. Hogan also co-wrote the movie, which was a massive critical and commercial success in many countries. Paul said there's a lot of luck associated with his career. "Things just happened to me. I didn't try. I didn't particularly want it, and that's to say when I was 30, I was a blue-collar worker," he added.
  3. Paul was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance as outback adventurer Michael "Crocodile" Dundee in Crocodile Dundee in 1986, the first in the Crocodile Dundee film series. He married American actress Linda Kozlowski after meeting her on the set of Crocodile Dundee. "My whole life has been a pinch-yourself thing. I consider myself a bit of an inspiration for late starters or encourage young people that life's not over if you haven't made it by 21. I mean, I accidentally got into television at 30, I made my first movie at 47, and I've just gone along with whatever happened. Sort of life happened to me. I didn't really plan it," he said.
  4. Hogan refused several proposals for more Crocodile Dundee films. In January 2018, two trailers were released online for what was marketed as another film in the series, titled Dundee, with the tagline "the son of a legend returns home." The film was said to star Danny McBride as Brian Dundee, the son of the original Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee. The trailers also featured cameo appearances by Australian actors Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Margot Robbie, Isla Fisher, Ruby Rose, and Liam Hemsworth. Various aspects of the campaign made some publications believe that the film was an elaborate hoax. It was later reported that these ads were actually part of a lead up to a Super Bowl commercial for Tourism Australia. 
  5. And the possibility of a sequel? "Some of the ideas for another Crocodile Dundee were pretty good, and the idea for having like Chris Hemsworth as my son and Margo Robbie as my daughter was pretty cool," Paul said. "But, if I have beautiful children like that, I should be on a stud farm, not making movies. But you know, I don't know, life has a way of happening around me."