BURBANK, Calif. – Since schools closed, LAUSD launched an educational series with the help of local public TV stations you can watch on your television, computer, or mobile phone. Hosted by KCET personalities like Rosey Alvero, At Home Learning gives students an opportunity to dig into their favorite subjects while they’re safer at home.

“Well, we’ve come together here over the weekend during the “shelter in place” to bring you guys education,” said host Rosey Alvero. “I think it’s very important that everyone has access to education and I love that I’m working with KCET to bring At Home Learning.” 


Alvero grew up in San Francisco, Manila and the High Desert. She currently lives in Jefferson Park. She’s the host for SoCal Wanderer on KCET and she has a passion for local tourism and discovering small businesses. But today, she’s working on intros and wraps to help students keep up with their English studies.

“I'm covering English literature but we're also doing math, sciences, world history and I just think it's really important that even in this time, we continue with education and we allow students to view in all different mediums and make sure it's accessible,” said Alvero.




Not everyone has access to the internet, so LAUSD pivoted to provide educational resources through public television. Once the schools closed, everyone jumped in. 

“I've always felt that public media is a service and something that we do for the community and different communities in Southern California,” said Matthew Crotty, Senior Director of Production of KCET. “And this is something that is part of our mission and we have stopped everything else that we were doing to make this happen.”

Shows like The Great American Read, NOVA, Latino-Americans, and American Experience fill in for English, science, history and social studies. The programming is available free on KCET and PBS SoCal as well as most streaming platforms and you can also download the schedule and digital resources off their website.

“There’s something crazy happening in this world that we don’t understand, but it’s important for us to continue doing what is important and that is education,” said Alvero.

So hit the remote and get learning, at home.