IRVINE, Calif. — The last six summers have been spent learning Spanish at LangoKids Irvine, and it’s all part of Andrea Freeman’s master plan. 

“I want to own my own bird shops around the world, so to do that you need to speak other languages,” she said. 

And she’s starting with Spanish. 

“I like that it’s close to other languages like French and Italian,” she said. 

LangoKids has been around for almost a decade. Younger kids start with the basics, and then skill level goes up from there. The founder Cristina Garcia Versteegh wanted kids to have a fun but educational and even life-changing summer camp option. 

“Forty-four countries use Spanish as their language to communicate, so 44 million people speak Spanish,” Garcia Versteegh said. 

Not to mention, a shared language helps build relationships. Andrea is well aware.

“If you can speak other languages you can talk to other people around the world,” she said. 

So while other kids spend their summer splashing around at other camps, she’s invested in the present because she knows what she wants for her future. She keeps practicing her Spanish. 

“The more you practice the better you get at something and I want to be the best at speaking Spanish,” she said.

Muy bien! Sounds like a solid plan.