PASADENA, Calif. — Egyptian American composer Victor Isaac is able to share melodies of peace through his Middle Eastern, LA-based orchestra, the Bridges Ensemble.

What You Need To Know

  • The Bridges Ensemble is an LA-based Middle Eastern orchestra

  • Their goal is to bring cultures together through the love of music

  • Releasing songs with a humanitarian message, they want to dispel the negative stereotypes surrounding Arab communities

  • With members representing the diversity of the Middle East, they aim to spread a message of love, and fundraise for refugees through their performances

“We have one vision. This vision is to bring people who love music, together for better communication. You know music is a universal language, without any words, you can affect people,” he explained.

The Middle Eastern orchestra features artists from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. The musicians want to show audiences that the common negative stereotypes against Arabs are just that, merely stereotypes.

“Not all Arab people are terrorists. That is a slim minority. Mostly, we are very generous, we are very social, we welcome foreigners, and they feel that the minute they come to our land, they feel it,” Isaac said.

The Bridges Ensemble is able to take listeners on a journey to the East through their music. Their songs always emphasize a humanitarian message, and Palestinian oud player Naser Musa said that connection makes all the difference.

“We are blessed to be able to share, to connect one on one peacefully, regardless of where we come from. We can understand each other, feel each other, and sympathize with what is going on in the world,” Musa said. 


The group has released songs on YouTube and they plan seasonal performances that help fund causes that support refugee children.

In the end, they have one main message:

“To love each other as humans, to be kind with the poor people, to help the needy, and to promote love,” Isaac emphasized.

It's love that is experienced through the ears and reaches the soul.

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