LOS ANGELES — It’s been five years since a police officer shot and killed Brendon Glenn in Venice Beach, but the emotion is still raw for his mother, Sheri Camprone.

“Not a day doesn’t go by that I don’t cry,” she said in a tearful WebEx video interview with Spectrum News 1 Thursday.

What You Need To Know

  • Gascón has identified four cases for review where officers shot and killed civilians in Los Angeles County

  • The cases include the 2015 killing of Brendon Glenn, an unarmed Black man in Venice Beach

  • Gascón says the officer’s statements are inconsistent with the video of the shooting

  • Glenn's mother would like to see the officer prosecuted for the shooting

Glenn’s case is one of four deadly officer-involved shootings that are now at the center of the Los Angeles County District Attorney race. Former LAPD officer and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón has pledged to reopen controversial shootings where incumbent Jackie Lacey declined to prosecute the officer, including the case of Brendon Glenn, if he’s elected in November.

“Reopening the cases is just simply saying we’re going to take a deep look into these cases, we’re going to provide a fair and unbiased assessment of what occurred,” Gascón said.

Glenn was on a months-long trip to California in 2015 that was cut short by a drunken night on Cinco De Mayo where he was killed during a struggle with Los Angeles Police Department Officers. He was unarmed.

“He was supposed to come home that weekend,” Camprone said, outraged that the media at the time described Glenn as ‘homeless.’ He had been living on the beach, but Camprone said he had a home that was ready to welcome him back in New York.

Spectrum News 1 obtained previously unreleased video showing Glenn’s final moments in Venice. He was intoxicated and appears to exchange words with a club bouncer who pushes him to the ground. Glenn staggers to stand up against a wall as two LAPD officers approach the two men outside Townhouse Cocktails on Windward Avenue.

Officer Clifford Proctor is seen pushing Glenn and wrapping his arm around him as he and his partner wrestle Glenn to the ground. During the struggle, Officer Proctor allegedly said he thought Glenn reached for his partner’s gun.

Proctor draws his own weapon, shooting and killing the unarmed Black man.

Glenn’s mother has never watched the video, but says she heard it happen live over the phone.

“My son was calling me and he pocket dialed me,” Camprone said. “I heard it. I heard the shots.” The shooting caused an uproar in 2015. At the time, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told the police commission Officer Proctor should face charges. Three years later, District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced her office would not prosecute the case.

“Glenn’s movement may have caused Proctor to reasonably fear that he was reaching for a weapon. Apparent danger is sufficient to justify the use of deadly force,” Lacey said.

Gascón says the officer’s statements are inconsistent with the video of the shooting.

“This man gets executed and even the partner said ‘I don’t know why my partner shot,” Gascón said.

Lacey’s campaign says the pledge to reopen cases shows a “complete lack of understanding of how our criminal justice system functions. Opening up old cases for political purposes will create a dangerous precedent.”

Spectrum News 1 reached out to Proctor’s attorney for a statement but did not hear back. Proctor resigned from the LAPD after the shooting.