The death of a 41-year-old Hudson Valley man was not the result of criminal culpability on the part of a New York State trooper, Attorney General Letitia James’s office said in a statement released Tuesday.

James’s office released a 65-page report on the September 2018 incident that resulted in the death of Jaime Lopez-Cabrera during an interaction with State Police.

A video recording shows Lopez-Cabrera walking toward Trooper Kevin Wolensky and did not put his hands up. Wolensky fired two shots, killing Lopez-Cabrera.

“We offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Lopez-Cabrera on the loss of their loved one,” James said.

“The Special Investigations and Prosecutions Unit is committed to providing the public with an exhaustive and transparent inquiry into any death over which it has jurisdiction. The Unit conducted a comprehensive investigation regarding the death of Mr. Lopez-Cabrera and encourages local and state law enforcement agencies to implement the recommendations set forth in the report.”