After devastating mass shootings in the U.S., New York state is taking a step towards safety as the state's Red Flag law goes into effect Saturday.

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan promised his support in implementing it.

"This law is and will be a real powerful tool for a wide set of folks in our community to make sure we can actually keep people safe in Ulster County," he said.

County officials, members of law enforcement and educators joined together Friday to explain how the new law will work. It will allow family members, educators, and law enforcement officials to report someone if they believe they are a threat to themselves or others.

"The idea is that the form just starts the conversation and starts a process of due process in terms of ultimately getting in front of a judge in order to determine is this a credible threat that merits removing firearms or removing the ability to purchase firearms from an individual," Ryan added.

Some local gun shop owners say this new law may unfairly target gun owners.

"The community does have responsibility but to put it in the hands of the courts and the judicial system wrapped up in red tape you'll wind up with people just like there are people on death row who didn't kill anybody there will be people who have all their guns taken away that didnt do anything," said Marie Ruger, co-owner of the Ruger's Custom Guns store in Kingston, New York. 

For more information on how to report an individual who may pose a threat in Ulster County, click here.