The call came in late Friday night.

"Normally, you don't have fires in your own fire station. I can't tell you how fast I got here," said Thomas Crisci, senior president of Tivoli Fire Company.

"They were able to save one of the fire trucks we had, get it out, start pumping with it, and actually start knocking down the fire before any mutual aid got there," said Marc Hildenbrand, chief of the Tivoli Fire Department.

The company only has two engines and one of them was destroyed. Also destroyed was their only ambulance and a good amount of fire equipment. 

"The fire was so intense it actually melted. We believe the springs and the doors had popped open," Hildenbrand said.

The Tivoli fire department celebrated their 100th anniversary next month and they've been in this building since 1985.

We spoke with one of the original designers of the truck that burned. He designed it more than 25 years ago and says more than a truck was lost, but rather a collection of history.

"We had a lot of good memories in that truck," Crisci said.

So what's next for the department?

"We have no place to put the trucks, no place to put our equipment, no place to hold meetings," Hildenbrand said.

They hope to have a temporary building to work out of soon, but the community shouldn't worry, they are still functional and other fire departments will be assisting them on calls. 

"Residents should know when they call 911, firefighters will respond. There's already been a response plan put in place to ensure residents have emergency response," said Marc Molinaro, Dutchess County executive. 

Right now, the chief says he is unsure how long it will take to rebuild and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.