The Child Safe Products Act has passed in both houses of the New York state legislature. It's a law requiring manufacturers to disclose information on harmful chemicals possibly in children's toys.

“It’s really legal and common practice to use toxic chemicals in children’s products, and they don’t have to tell you," said Kathy Curtis, Executive Director of Clean and Healthy New York.

Tuesday afternoon, before the law passed, advocates like Curtis called for the passage of the Child Safe Products Act.

“This policy will address both the parents' right to know about what’s in products that they’re using to take care of their children every day, and also will use strong science to get rid of the worst of the worst," said Curtis.

The worst of the worst, or chemicals of high concern, include flame retardants and PFAS possibly found in children’s products.

“PFAS, if it's concentrated can cause cancer, hormonal changes, even learning disabilities," said New York State Senator Brad Hoylman.

But are these concerns valid? The Business Council of New York State says no.

“It's only a hazard if there’s a realistic actual risk of being exposed to it. You're ingesting it, you're inhaling it," said Ken Pokalsky, vice president of the Business Council of New York State.

Pokalsky says these advocates are focusing on the wrong things.

“Lead in paint in public housing, lead in plumbing in public schools ... that, we think, are far more direct concern for children's health," said Pokalsky.

Pokalsky also added certain stores would pay the price.

“Retailers, one, will have their choice of product limited, and two, they may be selling products unbeknownst to them or maybe even known to them, they're not allowed to sell in New York State, raising the potential for legal action against the retailer as well," said Pokalsky.