It can be hard for a single parent to make ends meet, but single moms like Nana work hard to put food on the table.

She is a member of WIC; the women, infants, and children program. It is a health service that provides low-income mothers with nutritious foods, but created a stigma at the grocery store checkout.

"You had to actually separate your meal, juice, eggs, [or] whatever and put your checks on that. People would be like oh it’s going to be a long wait so I might as well go to the next line or whatever,” Nana said.

Now the WIC program is moving into the 21st century with an updated eWIC program. 

"We are providing an opportunity for moms, babies, and young families to access healthy food [and] get nutrition counselling that is available in the clinics,” said eWIC Creator Sally Dreslin.

It’s as easy as paying with your debit card.

"You just scan it, swipe your card, and there ya go,” Nana said.

This new eWIC program does much more than make shopping easier for families, it also allows them to remain completely anonymous.

"You walk in whenever you feel like shopping. [It is a] one stop in and out,” Nana said.

She is now one of the first of mothers in the Hudson Valley to have a card right in her wallet, changing the way she will shop for years to come.