HIGHLAND COUNTY, Ohio — The National Weather Service confirmed two tonadoes touched down in Highland County on Friday evening.

One was rated an EF-1 west of Hilsboro which caused more damage around it, while the second, located south of New Vienna, was categorized as an EF-0. No injuries or fatalities were reported from either tornado.

What You Need To Know

  • Two tornadoes were reported by the National Weather Service following damage surveys conducted Saturday

  • Property damage included rooftops, siding and several properties had damaged barns following the storm

  • Wind speeds were estimated at 90 mph and 100 mph

The EF-1 tornado touched down southwest of Certier Road and caused significant damage to surrounding properties. Several barns were damaged by the estimated 90 mph winds before it moved northeast.

There was minor structural and tree damage along Ruble Cemetery Road and Hollowtown Road while more significant damage was noted on properties along State Route 131. A home with an attached garage was affected, and the garage was detached from the main house. The estimated wind speed was 100 mph for the area.

North of State Route 131 damage was sparser, mostly trees and a downed power pole. NWS said while the tornado traveled through open fields, it is likely that it weakened briefly.

At the intersection of Danville/Russell Road and U.S. Route 50 more damage was observed by NWS where a church on the south side of Route 50 had a majority of the east side of its roof removed.

The tornado caused more damage in Willettsville, where numerous homes and buildings had roof damage. The tornado is believed to have dissipated near State Route 73.

The EF-0 tornado was on the ground at the same time as the EF-1, and while short-lived, caused damage to siding and roofs along Wolfe Road and Panhandle Road.

NWS said the EF-1 tornado was three miles to the south of the EF-0 at the time of they began.

To report weather-related damage to NWS, call 937-383-0031 or via severe weather reporting methods.

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