Sheena Elzie joined the Spectrum News1 Ohio team in 2019. She is a multimedia journalist covering stories in the Cincinnati region. Sheena brings more than 13 years of Reporting, Anchoring, and Producing, experience to Ohio. 

Her long time career in tv news started as a Reporter/Producer at NBC affiliate station WPBN in Northern Michigan. From there, she’s been across the country, Reporting and Anchoring/Producing at NBC station WAND in Central Illinois, then Reporting and Anchoring at ABC station KSPR in Missouri, moving on to Reporting at CBS station WNCN in North Carolina, and finally jumping to Reporting at Spectrum News1 in Ohio. 

Sheena has covered everything from the economic recession, historic elections, deadly disasters, uncovering injustice in investigations, the pandemic to every day heroes. She’s been known as the go-to Reporter who gets to the heart of every story.

Sheena picked up the skills for great storytelling not only throughout her career, but also through her time at Northern Illinois University. She studied Journalism and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the field. Sheena credits her late mother for encouraging her to pick up a pen and write when there was injustice.

When she’s not chasing the next big story, Sheena is a mother too with one grade-school daughter. She loves spending time with her and helping her daughter achieve her dreams. 

Sheena also loves to meet other parents and people who have a story to tell. 

If you have any story ideas you’d like to share, you can send them her way and email