COLUMBUS, Ohio — Independence isn't the only thing being celebrated this Fourth of July in Columbus.

What You Need To Know

  • The annual Doo Dah parade took place in the afternoon of the Fourth of July 

  • Anyone is allowed to march in the parade and showcase whatever they want 

  • The 'art cars' captivated the crowed with their extensively decorated vehicles

The annual Doo Dah parade is also celebrating diversity and passion for art.

“It illuminates the absolute weirdness of Columbus,” art car artist Jason Williams said.

The Doo Dah parade, known for its wackiness and humor through art and satire, is a time for anyone in Columbus to march in the parade and do whatever they want. One group of artists, known as the art cars, captivates the parade every year by showcasing their decked-out vehicles. 

“And this is my soul sister. It's got all music and dolls,” art car artist Suzie Simpson said.

Simpson has been working on her art car for years. Along with her is Jason Williams. He’s been an art car artist since 2017, and he said decorating his car is therapeutic.

“A coping mechanism, I think, for stressful times. A good way to get some anxiety out,” Williams said.

Dressed in costume as Mayor McCheese, Williams said his art car took four years to decorate and it’s still not done. He wants his art car to be a reflection of society. 

“We have the potential to put people in space and create great music and art," Williams said. "But we're also, we're also a violent group of people. So it's kind of like angels with dirty faces, you know, showing both sides of humanity, but particularly the Americans."

Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch is a Columbus artist known for her puppets, but today she was driving an art car that one of her fellow artists decorated. She said she drives it to bring people joy. 

“A huge part of it for me and for him is making people smile," she said. "Getting people to be curious about why and that's really, I think, what art is about."

Spreading positivity through art and authenticity, the art cars are the epitome of what Doo Dah is all about.