COLUMBUS, Ohio — With Intel's investment in Ohio, comes a need for workers. 

What You Need To Know

  • Ohio State has launched the CAFE program to prepare students to work in Intel

  • The program is being funded by a $3 M Intel grant

  • CAFE has partnered with Ohio State and nine other institutions throughout the state

That's why several universities have launched curriculum that could help staff the semi-conductor plants, and Ohio State’s CAFE program is no exception.

Ohio State’s Center for Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication Research and Education (CAFE) gives students hands-on experience with semiconductors.

It’s something OSU student Manisha Muduli gets passionate about.

"I've seen my parents doing the volunteering work when I was a kid,” said Muduli. “I wanted to make a difference in the community in my own way by pushing the needle of science and helping with technological advances." 

The program is being funded by a $3 Million Intel grant. 

Lead Principal Investigator for CAFE Steven A. Ringel is helping educate the students at a time when a major chip-manufacturer is moving in.

"For Intel, it's super important because the amount of chips needed to be produced to satisfy those needs are just enormous,” said Ringel. “Intel wants to be that supplier. They also want to be that innovator, and they need people who know how to innovate to provide the correct supply for future technologies." 

It’s opening all kinds of doors for students, and not just at Intel. 

Ringel said, “What people might not realize is that many, many companies, large and small, all employ and use semiconductor chips in everything they do. You can go work at an aerospace company. You can work at an I.T. company that's working on advanced technology and networking. You can go into research." 

The program is giving students, like Muduli, a bright future.

"I may not be the next Einstein,” she said, “but just the fact that I will be one of the people who helps contribute to the next development actually makes me really happy from within."

CAFE has partnered with Ohio State and nine other institutions throughout the state, including Ohio University, the University of Cincinnati, Central State University.