COLUMBUS, Ohio — A study done this year by Zippia found women hold 28% of computing and math jobs. 

What You Need To Know

  • Girls' Tech Day at COSI is an event to inspire young girls to get involved in STEAM

  • STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics 

  • This was the 5th annual Girls' Tech Day

That disproportionate statistic that fueled the start of Girls’ Tech Day. The day aims to inspire young girls to pursue fields in STEAM.

Girls’ Tech Day at COSI was all about science, technology, engineering, art and math. The event shows girls they can be represented and excel in those fields now and in the future. 

“Really encouraging them to be inspired, motivated and encouraged to pursue a career in either science, technology, art or math," said Missy Bolden, Girls' Tech Day host. "So, STEAM. And really just giving them that hands on experience and letting them know that girls can be whatever they want and they definitely can pursue a career in STEAM.”

From listening to professional women in STEAM, to practical exercises, the excitement and curiosity were palpable. 

“So far, I have all four of the stems done. So, I just need to follow step five and once I’m done with all of these instructions on this page, I’ll flip to the next one to continue my work,” said Brielle Gabung, a student.

For Gabung, art and engineering came together with a project that looked so fun.

Hilliard City Schools Chief Technology Officer Rich Boettner has brought students to this event since 2018. This week, he brought nearly 300. It's an opportunity to open their eyes to what's possible, he said.

“I just know that this is just an awesome opportunity for young women to see what STEM activities could be in their future and get excited and empower to take a look at these in future years,” said Boettner.

Combining their love of learning and hands-on experience, Bolden said it’s that excitement and fun at a young age that ignites a spark in them to pursue their passion and dreams.  

“I love being able to catch girls and catch them in that young phase because we know it only takes one seed to be planted. And we can all think back on those moments in our lives where we either attended an event or went to a summer camp and something happened that spark happened,” said Bolden.