CLEVELAND — The holiday season is over, but another season is about to begin: the spring travel season. Travel experts say now is the time to book to avoid paying high prices. 

What You Need To Know

  • Airline prices have gone down after holiday travel

  • Travel experts warn prices could go up as spring approaches

  • Local travel expert suggests to book 90 days in advance

​Jeanne Betley and her daughters are from Ohio and took advantage of the cheap airfare after the holidays.

"Family couldn’t come for the holidays so we’re going to see them," she said.

Betley wanted to spend the winter holidays with her family but couldn't because prices were so high.

"Oh yeah, they were really bad, and I like to be home for the holidays," she said.

According to a NerdWallet holiday travel report, about 113 million holiday travelers spent about $180 billion dollars on travel expenses. To make matters worse, travel expert Dr. Jasmien Lewis said this year holiday travelers experienced more issues than usual.

"We also saw the delays and the cancellations and the overcrowding at airports during the holiday season as well," she said.

The Washington Post reported that more than 3,000 flights were canceled in December.

"We had people that were in the airports for days and just waiting, and it was a lot of phone calls and being on hold, so yes it was very stressful," Lewis said.

But Lewis said there are steps you can take to ensure a stress-free and cost-effective travel experience this spring.

"If you are planning to travel for spring break or summer, maybe even early fall, go ahead and plan ahead, 90-plus days out, try to avoid arriving or departing on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays," she said.