CLEVELAND — A popular pond in Northeast Ohio is now restocked and ready for fishing. 

What You Need To Know

  • 1,000 pounds of rainbow trout were placed in Granger Park in Veterans Park
  • Lake Metroparks staff said trout are more active when temperatures are colder
  • All docks at the lake are handicap accessible

The team at Lake Metroparks placed about 1,000 pounds of rainbow trout in Granger Pond in Veterans Park, which means the fishing season can continue into the colder months.

For Ben Bowyer, natural resource manager for Lake Metroparks, the effort makes the fishing experience more enjoyable.

“A lot of times in the winter months, our fishing slows down a little bit, so our bass and bluegill quit biting. So, this is a good way to have some great fishing here in Lake County,”  said Bowyer.

Boyer said all the docks on Granger Pond are handicap accessible, making it easier for everyone to come out and fish.

Jeffrey Frischkorn is a regular at the fishing spot and an accomplished angler. 

“Well, I’m almost 72,” he said. “I think I’ve been fishing 71 years. Been a long, long time.”

You can find him with a line in the water a lot.

“More times than my wife wants me to do,” he said.

Even so, he said he knows the secret to a happy marriage.

“I catch ‘em, she cleans ‘em and cooks ‘em,” Frischkorn said. “Perfect combination.”

In fact, he said he brought his wife, Beverly, to this very pond 50 years ago for their first date. 

“That was my first fly fishing lesson,” Beverly said. “I didn’t do very well.”

But Frishkorn caught a bass that day. And the love of his life. 

Now he’s fly fishing again, but this time for a rainbow trout after Lake Metroparks stocked the pond with about 1,000 pounds of them. 

But they weren’t biting as soon as they were placed in the pond Friday. 

“I’m normally an impatient man, but I never have a problem doing this,” he said. 

He said he had a strategy for fishing, but don’t bother asking him for details. 

“I’m not going to give it away,” Frishkorn said.

Instead, he shared some unexpected advice. 

“Velveeta cheese works very, very well on this dock trout,” he said. “And that’s a secret that I’m willing to give away.”

While he continued to cast a line, he acknowledged this is his favorite pastime. 

“It’s an immensely rewarding experience,” Frischkorn said. “When you’re successful you say, ‘By golly, I accomplished something.’”