OHIO — For many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year: Haunted house season. 

Ohio has the second-highest number of haunted house attractions across the U.S., coming in with 125, according to thescarefactor.com

That means this year, there are endless possibilities to get in the Halloween spirit. Below is a list of some of the state’s popular haunted attractions — whether it’s a scream park, a forest crawling with monsters or a hayride of doom. 

Attractions may have COVID-19 precautions in place as well. Visit their website, linked below, for protocols. 

Southern Ohio

This attraction offers four events for families and friends to enjoy. First is the Haunted Hayride, which takes visitors on a trip through what was once peaceful land turned dark and twisted because of a curse. Another event is the Forgotten Forest, an area “shrouded in mystery.” The third is called Psychosis!, which takes people through a winding maze filled with terror at every corner. The final event is the Zombie Assault, where the brave will board a bus to find safety at a refugee camp — but not without a zombie attack, of course. 


Haunted Hayride: $16

Forgotten Forest: $15

Psychosis!: $9

Zombie Assault: $5

Combo Ticket for all events: $28 online, $30 at the door

Fast pass combo: $48 online, $50 at the door

Location: 525 Brimstone Rd. Wilmington, Ohio

Days of operation: Every Friday and Saturday between Sept. 24 and Oct. 30

This haunted attraction has multiple parts to intensify the terror. It offers nine different events and attractions for guests to enjoy. Along with four haunted houses — Big Mama’s Revenge, Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate, Temple of Terror and the Historical Mystery Haunted Mansion — it also has a maze, a trail and even a creepy cafe for visitors to enjoy frighteningly good drinks and snacks. 


Friday or Saturday general admission: $50

General admission plus the fast pass: $75

Friday or Saturday pass for one attraction: $20

Family of four season pass: $299

General admission season pass: $99

VIP season pass plus fast pass: $199

Days of operation: Saturdays and Fridays. Also open on Halloween, Oct. 31, which is a Sunday. 

Location: 8762 Thomas Rd., Middletown, Ohio

This attraction has been around since 1990, and over time, it has expanded and added more scenes. This year, it’s offering more than 20 scenes both old and new, like the Bate’s Motel and Dracula. 

Tickets: $10 per guest, but a $2 discount is applied if a canned good is donated. Fast passes are available for $15. Cash only. 

Days of operation: Friday, Saturdays and Sundays starting Oct. 1 through Oct. 30. It will be closed on Halloween. 

Location: 7700 Steward Ave., Mt. Healthy, Ohio

This isn’t just any other school building. The Dent School House has gained national attention, even the Travel Channel, for its story. While it has been named one of the most haunted attractions in the nation by publications like Buzzfeed and USA Today, the local legend surrounding it is even scarier. The building was once Dent Public School, and lore says it closed after many children went missing between 1942 and 1955. The story says parents stormed the building in anger, and found the children dead in the basement. The janitor was to blame. While there are no records to back this up, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported the school along with one another closed in 1949 and the students were moved to another school. 

Tickets: There are several different ticket options for each attraction and show it offers. Click here for more information and availability.

Days of operation: Now open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until Nov. 5 and 6 (for the Lights Out event)

Location: 5963 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio

Central Ohio

This site comes with a large history. The Ohio State Reformatory was in operation from 1896 to 1990, when it was ordered to close down stemming from prisoners’ class action lawsuit, stating the prison was overcrowded and inmates were housed in inhuman conditions. It was the site of hundreds of deaths, and even a riot where two prison guards died. It was also a popular backdrop for Hollywood, becoming a set for films and TV shows, like Shawshank Redemption. While guests can do self-guided tours and audio tours, the Reformatory also becomes a haunted house for Halloween. 

Tickets: General Admission is $25, but it also offers a touch-pass where haunted house characters can actually touch you for an additional $5. 

Days of operation: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31.

Location: 100 Reformatory Rd., Mansfield, Ohio

This immersive attraction uses lighting and special effects to amp up the scare factor. The indoor haunted house sprawls across 60,000 square feet with monsters ready to frighten anyone at all corners. 

Tickets: $25 for general admission. VIP passes are $40 at the door, but $35 online. Those get guests in faster, but not first. 

Days of operation: Thursday through Sunday from Sept. 24 through Nov. 6.

Location: 3770 Refugee Rd., Columbus, Ohio

This one may not be for the easily frightened. It has a long history spanning across two decades in Columbus, but its roots go back 50 years when it was once home to haunted hayrides. The Hoochie uses life-like illusions full of gore and actors trained to scare like no other. There are scenes that may not be easy for some to see, so be prepared. 

Tickets: $20 for general admission, $50 for a speed pass. 

Days of operation: Opened Sept. 16 and runs through Oct. 31 on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Location: 13861 Broad St., Pataskala, Ohio

Previously dubbed the 13th Floor Columbus, it offers two main attractions: The Summoning and Aftermath Anarchy. The Summoning uses stage lighting, costumes and more, taking guests into the “demon’s lair.” In Aftermath Anarchy, survivors walk through the streets filled with overturned cars and wrecked store fronts. Participants will get a taste of a city with absolute lawlessness, and they’re placed right in the middle of it all. 

Tickets: General admission tickets start at $20 but there are more offers to choose from. Tickets must be purchased online this year. 

Days of operation: Now open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Oct. 31. Fear Columbus will also offer tickets for an event called “Blackout” on Nov. 5 and 6. More details will be released soon. It also offers another event in December called “Krampus.”

Location: 2605 Northland Plaza Dr., Columbus, Ohio

(Courtesy of Fear Columbus' Facebook page)

This brand new park offers four attractions for guests. There will be one haunted trail, three houses and a “circus from hell” to explore if visitors dare. The park warns that with over 30 scenes to view, it’s likely they’ll play with your senses and emotions. Nobody under 17 is allowed in the Scream Park without a parent or guardian present. 

Tickets: $20 for all attractions, and a $20 VIP pass will push you to the front of the line. A touch pass is also available for $10. 

Days of operation: Open every Friday and Saturday until Oct. 31

Location: 4355 Valley St., Dayton, Ohio

Northern Ohio

These two separate haunted houses are in the same location, offering double the chance to get creeped out. In the schoolhouse, you’ll journey through a library along with its demented librarian. At the laboratory, guests will encounter Dr. Guggenheim, a master manipulator of genes. But an explosion wreaked havoc, turning the doctor into a monster who hunts down anyone who enters his space. 

Tickets: Friday or Saturday admission to either attraction is $28. On Sunday, it’s $25. There’s also fast pass upgrades available and a group option.

Days of operation: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday up until Halloween. 

Location: 1300 Triplett Blvd., Akron, Ohio

(Courtesy of the Haunted Laboratory and Schoolhouse Facebook page)

Take a ride through 68-acres filled with monsters and ghouls, all to be dropped off at an asylum. The Insane Atarium is full of patients who have been mistreated, and are looking to get revenge. There’s also other attractions, called Psycho and the Forbidden Cornfield. 

Tickets: $12 for the hayride only, and it’s $30 for all attractions. Fast passes are also available. 

Days of operation: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Sept. 24 to Oct. 31. 

Location: 6878 Tod Ave., Youngstown, Ohio

This haunted house is written into history — really. It’s won three Guinness World Records for being the largest indoor haunted house in the world. It’s location inside an abandoned 160,000 sq. ft. aluminum foundry and offers a variety of attractions: 1,300 Lost Souls, Industrial Nightmare, Lafayette 13, Massacre on Mahoning and The House of Nightmares. 

Tickets: $28 for general admission. Fast pass options are also available. 

Days of operation: Friday and Saturday, and starting Oct. 17, it will be open Sunday as well up until Oct. 31. 

Location: 4125 Mahoning Rd., Canton, Ohio

One word: Clowns. If this is a fear of yours, be aware — you’re definitely in for a scare. This attraction offers guests four attractions: an abandoned fun house, a trail of terror, the insane asylum and a “freakshow,” a 3-D experience sure to give guests a fright.

Tickets: At the door, general admission is $25. It’s $24 if purchased online. There’s also fast pass and group pass options. 

Days of operation: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31.

Location: 1145 West Steels Corners Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


Of course, there are tons of other haunted houses throughout the state. To check what's in your area, click here.