CENTERBURG, Ohio — It’s the state’s second legal hemp growing season, and one Ohio couple continues to learn as they grow. 

What You Need To Know

  • Kelly Hondros and Corey Poches are the husband and wife duo behind Hondros Hemp Farms and Motive CBD

  • Last year they grew 12,000 plants, and this year they're downsizing to 4,000 to perfect their processes

  • The couple also strives to educate the public on hemp

Kelly Hondros and Corey Poches are the husband and wife duo behind Hondros Hemp Farms and Motive CBD. They’re taking what they learned in 2020 and making adjustments this year.

“It’s a very unique plant, a very interesting process each and every time,” said Hondros.

The biggest change is reducing their crop by a third.

“Last year, we grew 12,000 plants and this year we’re growing 4,000,” said Hondros. “Which we’re actually really excited to downsize the amount just so we can perfect our processes.”

Returning for this season is Courtney Nugen. She got involved as an intern while she was a senior at the Ohio State University. Now graduated, she works at the farm full time.

“I had little hesitation because of hemp, but after learning a lot about it, I don’t really have those hesitations anymore,” said Nugen. “I love what we do out here, so I stuck around.”

Poches said many people in the state are still hesitant about hemp. He said education is essential to their business.

“Really get rid of that stigma behind the fact that it’s not going to get you high. It’s not THC. You’re not going to fail a drug test so all of those things,” said Poches.

Motive CBD is located in the Columbus suburb of Westerville. The couple harvests the hemp from their farm and uses the CBD for wellness products. 

Harvest is in October.​