CLEVELAND — A northeast Ohio woman feels she has found her calling by using sound waves, more than found at some concerts, to help heal her clients physically and mentally.

What You Need To Know

  • With the stress of the pandemic and everyday life, many people are testing out new ways to relax

  • A woman in northeast Ohio launched a business she calls her soul’s purpose

  • She helps people destress and heal through the use of sound

Becky Hopp said 528 hertz is the frequency of unconditional love and DNA repair.

“I actually play crystal alchemy singing bowls, and I went through training level one and level two through the sacred science of sound that's located in LA,” Hopp said. “And I got certified not only on how to play the bowls, but the science behind it, because there actually is a science to using the bowls to come to a deep relaxing state.”

Hopp said it is extremely relaxing.

“It helps relieve stress and helps relieve anxiety. It helps sleeplessness. It can help with, you know, different addictions,” said Hopp. “They're actually working at a cellular level to help move the energy in your body to move and release disease and help you come to a very, very deep state of relaxation.”

Although relatively new to the art form, Hopp feels like she’s done it for years. 

“I found my soul's purpose and it's just the most joyful, loving thing to be able to share with people,” said Hopp. 

Hopp is a 13-year cancer survivor, a nine-year open heart warrior and a new small business owner. Her company, With a Grateful Heart Wellness, was born amid the pandemic.

“I'm 45 and I've probably been searching for 40 of those years, maybe longer, for what to do on this earth,” she said. “As a cancer survivor, as an open-heart patient I feel that I have a purpose. I was given two second chances at life and to be able to share something that is helping other people means everything to me.”  

Music has always been used to boost mood. Most concert pitches are at a frequency of 440 hertz, but some of the crystal singing bowls Hopp uses are tuned 528 hertz, almost 100 hertz higher than the frequency at the average concert. 

“I always say the bowls never play the same way twice, and the reason for that is these bowls will actually feel the energy from me,” Hopp said. “They'll feel the energy from the space that we're in. They'll feel the energy from the people that are in attendance, whether it's one one-on-one session or I've got 20 people in front of me, they will play completely differently every single time.” 

Melissa Rains, a multiple-time attendee, said she’s already reaping the benefits.

“The first time I did it, I really felt it in my throat and I have some digestive problems and it was just crazy how you could feel everything that goes on in your body being affected by the frequency and the different bowls. And it almost brings a different awareness to what's going on,” said Rains. 

Regardless of someone’s source of stress, the group says listening to the sounds of the crystal singing bowls is helping them lead better lives.

“You leave here feeling like you can accomplish whatever you need to and it just makes you feel really good about yourself,” said Rains. “And then it allows you to show up better for the people around you.” 

“We’re going to feel the effects of this for days,” said Melinda Brubaker, another sound bath attendee. “Last time I was in such a good mood for almost a week even with the bad weather. All that energy that she moved, and you’re left with a positive vibe. It's hard to explain but it was just, I knew a lot of energy and bad blockages had been moved out and it just felt so good.”

It also helped Hopp find gratitude in hers. 

“In LA, this is very commonplace. Lots of people know about it, but here people are like you do what,” Hopp said. “And so to be able to share this with more people and have them become more aware of the fact that this is something that we all need to take time and do, whether you take five minutes out of your day or you take nine minutes out of your day, find some, some peace, find some stillness and just be. I can't get enough of these bowls and the sounds and the energy from them.”

Hopp offers her sound baths at Holistic Halo Salt Spa as well as at public and private events. For more information, visit her website.