COLUMBUS, Ohio — CoverMyMeds is a health care technology company that makes it easier for doctors and pharmacists to speed up the drug approval process for patients.

What You Need To Know

  • The health care company aims to continue it's philanthropic engagement in Franklinton

  • There will be two buildings — one opening this summer and the other in Fall 2022

  • Company officials hope the new location will allow employees to connect better with each other and the community

The company outgrew its old location and is in the process of converting an old industrial site in Franklinton into their new $240-million headquarters.

Although all employees are working from home now due to the pandemic, that hasn't affected the company's bottom line.

“People are still going to the doctors, they still need those prior authorizations. So we've been in a lucky space where we can still invest in the community and we haven't had to pull back,” said Kate Bauer, the Community Engagement Manager.

But what's unique about the expansion is outdoor spaces as well as indoor areas will be open to the public, and there will be community spaces for tech and civic events.

In addition to new office space, the building includes conference rooms, private workspaces and call rooms, a dining area, gym and a wall space for local artists. 

Company officials said CoverMyMeds will continue its philanthropic engagement in Franklinton.

“Our goal with this building and always is to be a good neighbor. And so, working with the residents and the nonprofits in Franklinton to identify the resources and support we can offer. And we've been doing that for years, long before we started to build our building,” said Bauer. 

Nonprofits like the Gladden Community House of Franklinton, which provides education and recreation programs as well as assistance to families in need. 

“There's been over 136 CoverMyMeds employees that have donated over 300 hours of their time, their talent and their treasure. They're also a member of our board as well with CoverMyMeds. So they are really a strong partnership,” said President and CEO of the Gladden Community House Nick Bankston. 

The 418,000-square-foot property located near Interstate 670 has two buildings — the first opening in summer and the second opening in Fall 2022.

Company officials said when it comes down to it, the sustainability and flexibility of the building will provide the best opportunity for long-term success in Ohio. 

“We're planning to have people back into the space by late summer. Again we're keeping a pulse on the current situation and what guidelines the CDC is requiring of us. There are so many opportunities for employees to really work in any type of attitude that they feel that day. So it's also giving our employees an opportunity to really connect with each other and other teams,” said Director of Campus Operations Anna Sommers. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been changed to reflect the correct name of the company, as well as an employee.