CINCINNATI — Inside this massive warehouse in Blue Ash, a suburb of Cincinnati, is the unique operation of Everything But The House — a secondhand auction website where you can find pretty much anything.

What You Need To Know

  • Ohio-based auction site is adding 866 jobs over the next five years

  • The jobs will add over $40 million in payroll

  • President and Founder Brian Graves is excited for what the future hold 


“I think there’s something new every day,” President and Founder Brian Graves said. “It’s this constant treasure hunt. We have about 1,000 new items go up live on the site every single day, so about 30,000 items a month. We’re looking to grow that to 60,000 items a month by year’s end.”

Graves said his business is growing more and more each year.

“It’s amazing to me,” he said. “Just to think of where we are today compared to where we started. I mean these are the types of things that we used to talk about, ‘What if?’ Where we could get to the point where we could actually integrate this type of technology and these types of processes into our marketplace. And it’s something that hasn’t been done to date. So, it’s exciting for me to continue to see it happen and be a part of that.”

To match the growth and demand from customers, Everything But The House will add 866 new employees by 2025.

“This is catalogers, this is photographers, this is salespeople setting the right expectations,” he said.  “ It’s challenging. So to grow that and try to scale that in every single location is something that takes a lot of effort and work. So to be able to kind of maximize the potential and focus that investment here in the state of Ohio, and then continue to learn from that and develop as we expand nationally, long-term, that’s a great opportunity and exciting for us.”

The added jobs are expected to create over $40 million in payroll over the next five years, but the hiring process has already begun.

“We’re looking for people that really are willing to approach a problem differently, and to come here and really change an industry forever,” he said.

To learn more about the company or to apply for a career visit their website