COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Asian Jumping Worm is causing problems for farmers and gardeners alike and now the invasive species is in the Buckeye State.


What You Need To Know

  • Asian Jumping Worms are being spotted in Ohio

  • The invasive species is harmful to gardenbeds and the forest floor

  • If you see the Asian Jumping Worm you can notify the OSU Extension


Mike Hogan with the OSU Extension is keeping a close eye on the crazy creature.

“When we started looking this past summer we have positively identified them at 70 different sites. They kind of destroy the ecosystem at the very top of the soil. That will have an effect on the biodiversity of the insects in the forests as well as the wildlife in the forest," he said.

Hogan said the best way to track down the worms is by looking for what they leave behind.

"So these are the castings that we collected from a garden that had a large population of Asian Jumping Worm. The castings is basically worm poop," he said.

While castings from typical earthworms provide beneficial nutrients to the soil, Hogan said these don't. They're coarse and look like coffee grounds.

"Right now, research is just beginning to controlling Asian Jumping Worms, so we don't have great controls yet," he said.

If you spot the Asian Jumping Worm or have questions about gardening, let the OSU Extension know by clicking here.