CEDARVILLE, Ohio—Just one day after the first Presidential debate, even the experts are still trying to figure out who won and what exactly it was that many of us witnessed on the debate stage. 

What You Need To Know

  • Two Cedarville University professors say this was one of the worst presidential debates they've seen in their lifetime.

  • The professors agree that there was no clear winner in the debate

  • They both hope that the candidates focus more on the topics that matter to the American people rather than argue

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​​It was a night full of arguing and deflecting for both presidential nominees. 

For two Ohio professors in history and political science at Cedarville university, they share that this may have been the worst presidential debate they’ve seen in their lifetime.

“I have never seen a debate so bad as this one," Kevin Sims senior professor of political science at Cedarville University said. "I don’t even want to call it a debate. It’s an insult to call it a debate.”

“I really don’t know how much hope I see in future debates," Marc Clauson professor of history and law at Cedarville University said. "And I’m almost ready to pull the plug on debates.”

Sims says many of his students were hoping to get a better idea of each candidates position on specific topics.

“Students even said that this morning," Sims said. "I went into this thing trying to get some ideas about where they stood policy-wise. What were their policy proposals? How do they view the future of the country? If you went in looking for that you got nothing.”

Clauson says it was disappointing to see both candidates deflect questions on issues that are important to the American people.

“Even though they were asked about issues and even though they began each topic starting with issues, it so quickly devolved into ‘you’re wrong, you’re a liar’ without any real fact behind anything," Clauson said. "Without any real attempt to interact with each other on a civil level.”

While both candidates believe they outshone the other, these professors believe otherwise.

“I thought there was no winner," Sims said. "And usually I’ll get a feeling on debates. I’ll get a feeling like yeah I kind of think this person won. Last night I thought there really was no clear winner.”

While it may have been a difficult debate to watch for many, there’s hope that the candidates will learn by the next debate that things have to change.

“I’m hopeful that somebody will get through to Trump and to Biden and caused them both to realize they’ve gone too far and they’re not helping the American people," Clauson said.

“We the American people should expect more," Sims said. "We should demand more.”