CINCINNATI, Ohio—College students across the country have had to transition to remote learning very quickly this semester. But for some students, that type of learning just doesn’t cut it when their major is more hands on. That’s why some University of Cincinnati students have created a petition.

  • Students at UC's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning say in person learning in critical in their fields
  • Students were sent an email saying summer courses would continue remotely and cost the same as in person courses
  • Students started a petition to ask university officials to reconsider 

Students at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) are asking the school for a discount on summer tuition. That’s because they say remote learning doesn’t come close to what they learn inside this building.

From 3D printing to photography, sculpting and screen printing- the curriculum for these UC students is very hands-on.

“Just because of the nature of what we do, we just have to admit that an online curriculum simply will not be the same and simply will not work," Ava Whitson a third year in DAAP said.

UC sent out an email two weeks ago announcing all summer classes would continue remotely. But for the most part, students are being asked to pay the same amount.

“Basically, there won’t be an adjustment to tuition and that fess will be adjusted accordingly," Whitson said. "But we weren’t given really any further explanation.”

That’s why Whitson started a petition. She says learning remotely is the same as online learning. And because of the nature of their majors, that just isn’t the same as learning in person. In the petition, the students are asking for a 25% reduction in tuition over the summer as well a refund in several program fees. So far, the petition almost has 2500 signatures, Whitson’s goal.

“You get very close to these people, especially when you’re in a creative field and you’re always talking and presenting and collaborating," Whitson said. "You get very close to people very fast. So, it’s very easy to spread the word on the type of thing.”

The school’s dean says he is considering the petition as he tries to balance the mission of ensuring the community’s safety while also sustaining the school’s educational mission.