COLUMBUS, Ohio — Stress and anxiety are high for many, as our nation and the Buckeye State navigate uncharted waters known as the coronavirus.  

So, Ohioans have taken to social media to lighten the mood — doing a virtual toast around the state to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.  

Who knew a glass of wine every day would help so many people get through a pandemic? 

That's because it's become a new social media trend that takes off each day around 2:00 in the afternoon —when Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and State Health Department Director Dr. Amy Acton take the podium to update the state on the coronavirus.  

#winewithdewine is trending on social media as people share pictures of their glass poured, with the news conference on in the background.

And with so many people working from home, it doesn't matter that it's in the middle of the afternoon.  

Oh, and did we mention there are shirts being sold for the occasion?  

And even Dr. Acton is getting some hashtag love with #snackonwithacton or #actlikeacton.  

You can even play the drinking game, which includes rules like "shelter in place - take a drink."  And when Dr. Acton puts on or removes her glasses — that's two drinks.    

Every day, the #wine with dewine following seems to grow.  And that can't be so bad — because it does mean that people are home, where they should be, and they have another great reason to watch every press conference.

So, cheers to Ohioans being in the know.